Brazilian flat roofs become vegetable gardens


The Swiss company that in Basel already generates five tons of vegetables and 850 kg of fish per year on a farm of just 250 square meters, lands overseas.

Talita Campo, 29 year-old expert in public relations, and Daniel Pacheco, 38 year-old chemical engineer, are the protagonists of the introduction in Brazil of organic urban gardens. In the model that the couple is importing in Brazil, herbs, vegetables and fish are grown through aquaponics, which allows the reuse of 90% of the water, without pests or wastes, using fish ejections as fertilizer. This allows the reduction of the production process and logistics, the food is of higher quality and the price is lower.

Apparently, Talita was convinced by the vision, from the plane, of the operation launched by the Swiss company in Den Haag, Netherlands, on the roofs of a dozen buildings:
“A farm on the roof of a building? Close to the sky! Seeing the city from above really was an amazing feeling”.
To those who wish to start a small home garden, Talita suggest to start reading a lot about this subject before “becoming” farmers. And, of course, “it is important to start on a small scale, just one or two modules that will become more numerous depending on the successes achieved”.


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